Thursday, April 30, 2009

Girls spend 4 yrs of life on phone

A new study has claimed that girls spend more than four years of their lives “on their beloved”.

The new study in UK has found that women will make or receive an average of 288,000 calls in their lifetime. Those calls last a total of 42,000 hours — or 4.75 years.

As far as men are concerned, they are not much of “yappers”— their 277,000 calls in a lifetime take up 28,500 hours or 3.25 years.

The research, for mobile phone recycler, found that women in London are Britain’s biggest gasbags, spending an incredible 14 hours 16 minutes a week talking on either mobile or landline. A spokesman for said: “The figures are remarkable. It’s very easy to lose track of time while chatting on the phone, and it seems women are more prone to this than blokes.” One in five also admitted to have left saucy or shocking messages on a wrong number.

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