Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Taliban poisoned Afghan girls at school

Taliban trend of opposing girls going to school is becoming more fatal .The group has also stepped up their offensive against the education of women. In addition to physical attacks such as beatings and acid-throwing, female adolescents have also been bombed, their schools burned, and their teachers killed.Now Taliban is using poison gas against these school girls

In the second mass poisoning of female students in a month, nearly 50 teenagers are in hospital after a mystery gas attack at a girls' school in Afghanistan. Some 46 girls were being treated in hospital, and a few were still receiving oxygen, but none were in a life-threatening state.

The headmaster of Ura Jalili Girls High School in Afghanistan rushed his students out of their classrooms after they smelt an unusual odour and started feeling nauseous and dizzy, one 17-year-old victim told Reuters from her hospital bed.

"I am pretty sure whoever has done this is against education for girls, but I strongly ask the parents not to be discouraged, by such brutal action and send their children to school,“

There have been no clues as to what the gas was or where it came from

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