Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sarabjit Singh's Mercy Plea Dismissed By Pakistan's

Pakistan's Supreme Court Wednesday dismissed Indian prisoner Sarabjit Singh's review petition that challenged his death sentence. If you do not know about Sarabjit let me tell you that Sarabjit Singh is a man of Indian nationality from the Indian state of Punjab who is accused of carrying out three separate bombings in Lahore, Pakistan. Sarabjit Singh (called Manjit Singh by Pakistani idiots authorities) was handed the death penalty in Pakistan for his alleged role in the bombings.

What the Pakistani authorities saying is totally false .Sarabjit is just a poor farmer and victim of mistaken identity, who strayed into Pakistan from his village located on the border.he is a simple farmer who was arrested after he strayed across the Pakistani border from his northern frontier hometown of Bhikiwind in Punjab state while drunk in 1990. His wife Sukh Prit Kaur, a resident of Bhikhiwind village of district Tarantaran, claimed he left to plough his fields near Wagah Border on August 28, 1990,

Shaukat Salim, a key witness in the case against Sarabjit, was caught on tape retracting his statement on April 26, 2008. Salim's father and other relatives were killed in the attack, and he says that Sarabjit was the one who planted the bomb. But, earlier, he had said that he made the statements implicating Sarabjit under pressure from the Pakistani police.

Sarabjit must live! The Pakistan government must let him free. They should not use this innocent father to hide their failure to locate the real culprits.

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