Sunday, September 13, 2009

We are Tortured in Pakistan , Please let us stay in India

'We Hindus in Pakistan are being discriminated against, tortured and harassed,' complains Ram Lal, a 45-year-old migrant from Pakistan, one of the estimated 10,000 migrants from that country settled in and around here in the desert state of Rajasthan.

He came to Jodhpur with his family of five over six months ago when, he says, things started to worsen.

'I do not want to go back....being a Hindu, there are so many problems for you in Pakistan,' Ram Lala told IANS, adding that only one member of his family, his brother, now lives in Pakistan.

'In Pakistan we, being Hindus, are not allowed to eat in a restaurant or a dhaba and if allowed by chance, we are served food in different utensils which we have to clean ourselves after eating,' said Ram Lal, whose name was changed on request, as he feared for the safety of his brother.

Lal is not the only Pakistani refugees in Jodhpur. According to rough estimates by Seemant Lok Sangathan (SLS), a group working for refugees in Rajasthan, over 10,000 Hindu migrants from Pakistan are living in this city.

Ranaram, a farm labourer, who used to live in a village in the Pakistani part of Punjab, said he was held hostage by fundamentalists, was tortured and was forced to convert to Islam.

'Me and my family were tortured by a fundamentalist group which forced us to convert to Islam. My wife and children were kidnapped when I complained about it. I was told that I would only get back my son and daughter and I should forget about my wife as she is a Muslim now. That day, I decided to come to India and now I am here,' Ranaram said. He came here over eight months ago.

With tears in his eyes, another farmer said: 'Our children are forced to perform Namaz and they call us Kafirs. The life for Hindus is very difficult there.' He was too scared to reveal his identity.

I would like to ask government of India what are they doing for the welfare of these people .Why every bangladeshi is welcomed in India and why Hindu refugees from pakistan are not allowed to stay in India ??

Via yahoo IANS

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