Monday, October 12, 2009

India Successfully fires two Prithvi-II nuclear capable missiles

India today successfully test fired two nuclear capable surface to surface prithvi -II missiles. The two missiles were fired at the interval of 5 minutes."Prithvi-II" was launched from the integrated test range (ITR) off the coast of Orissa.

Prithvi-II is a short-range, liquid propellant ballistic missile. It is a longer ranged, lower payload version of the Prithvi-I. This indigenously developed missile, which has a strike range up to 350 km, is nine metres in length, one metre in diameter and has a launch weight of 4,600 kg. It has been designed to deliver advanced conventional warheads deep into enemy territory. The missile stops climbing when it reaches an altitude of 30 km and dives the target at an 80 degree angle.The test is aimed at achieving close-to-zero Circular Error Probability (CEP) accuracy

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