Thursday, November 12, 2009

Do Raj thackeray deserves POTA,TADA,MACOCA ?

Raj Thackeray has been discussed and will continue to be discussed a lot! Some says he is a mental patient, someone told he is Maratha emperor! But the question was not over! All from Raj he is busy in his work as an action fighter! He never removed his step, nor understand the need for self-churning! In fact, India and the people of India need such a aggressive leader who understands the public mind, and who knows what public want, who can tell the people by putting his hand on their pulse about the cause of their pain !

But to say that will not work .......... yon have to Support Raj and his ideology of rule ! Either you go straight and support him or you will be taught in Marathi style!

Lets leave Marathi style for a while ,Now imagine if Raj Thackeray is in every state of the country .This country will crumble ! To move From Delhi to Mumbai you will need visas and passports! And if you support raj you have to support the following also.

1. Beat and throw out all the Marathi's living in india and abroad because they too are snatching the job of the people living there.

2. Support the terrorist in Kashmir because they too say that they are fighting for the Kashmir people.

3. Do support the demand for Khalistan in Punjab because it has links with the spirit of its original punjabi peopele !

4. Break all the temples of Rama and Krishna, and stop their worship because they were born in north India !

5. Destroy the monuments,idols and statue's of Bhagat Singh and Chander Shekhar Azad because they were North Indians!

6. Throw out all the movie stars because they are from northern India .

7. In Mumbai only Marathi Movies can be produced,close all Hindi movies production ,no matters how many Marathi gets unemployed .

8 Close all multi national companies(MNC) companies from Maharastra . Marathi's will create their HCL, BPL etc !

What can we do ?????? This great nation will crumble !Sometimes what sounds good is so terrible when it comes to reality, We have just imagined how terrible it could be! Raj Thackeray is nothing he is only a tool to break Hindustan! Terrorist of Kashmir and Punjab failed to separate Indians from India .And Raj Thackeray is doing that ,its better to say he has succeeded also by wining 13 seats.

What will happen if

1. Ever Hindu has his last desire that his Asthia be shed in the Ganga . If we resident of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar refuse to allow them ?

2. Let the Marathi's create their own sugarcane , if we do not let the sugarcane to go out of Uttar Pradesh?

3. Because most religious sites are in Uttar Pradesh or Uttaranchal ,people of Maharashtra are not allow to visit them?

4. 60% of the country mineral requirement comes from fossils of Jharkhand.Jharkhand resident if not let it out of jharkhand then?

5. Clothes will be made only for the Ludhiana and Gujarat ?

6. IAS officers of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar refuse to go other parts of the country then ?
7. Soldiers of Haryana and Punjab will not fight on Kashmir border and would only protect Haryana and Punjab ?

8. Uttar Pradesh has given many prime ministers and great leaders to the country ,what if those leaders and prime minister have cared only about uttarpradesh .Then marathi's wont have bread in their stomach!

For a true Indian there is no difference between Raj Thackeray and Bhinderawala!

For a true Hindustani there is no difference between Raj Thackeray and Dawood Ibrahim they both has injured Mumbai!

For a true Hindustani no difference between Raj Thackeray and Afzal Guru!

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