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Miss USA 2009 contestants

How Miss USA is Chosen ... Contestants are required to be at least 18 and not yet 27 years old. Each contestant from all 50 states and the District of Columbia will be judged in three categories: swimsuit, evening gown and interview. The winner of the Miss USA contest goes on to represent the United States in the Miss Universe Pageant.

The reign of this year´s Miss USA, Crystle Steward, is approaching its second half but only a few US states have already selected their representatives for the 2009 pageant...

Anastagia Pierre
20 year-old Anastagia Pierre is Miss Florida USA 2009. She represented Florida already 4 years ago, at the Miss Teen USA pageant.

First represented in 1952, Florida is among the most successful states in history of the Miss USA pageant(currently occupying 7th the position), with overally 23 placements. They came second twice, third three times, fourth three times and fifth four times.

Lindsey Tycholiz

26-year-old Lindsey Tycholiz, representing Great Lakes, was crowned Miss Michigan USA 2009 on September 21st. At the state pageant, she already was a semifinalist in 2006.

Michigan is another successful state, which managed to win the crown for two times(1993, 1990) and placed in the semifinals for 22 times, with 1st Runner Up in 1973, a Top 6 placement in 1996 and 3rd RU in 2003. Also Michigan was first represented in 1952.

Kristin Motil
Kristin Motil has recently been elected Miss Tennessee USA 2009 and will represent her state at the Miss USA 2009 pageant.

Tennessee ranks 5th in Miss USA statistics, with two winners in 2000 and 2007. Overally, the state placed 26 times, out of which 7 times among the Top 3 and 11 times among the Top 5.

Alysha Castonguay
The winner of Miss Rhode Island USA 2009 is Alysha Castonguay. Alysha is 21 years old and already represented her state at Miss Teen USA 2002 where she was a semifinalist.

Rhode Island has not reached particulary impressive results in its 56 year-long history but drew lots of attention especially in 2007, when they almost won the Miss USA crown with beautiful Danielle Lacourse. Apart from that, Rhode Island managed to place 8 other times, mainly during last 15 years. Maybe a new powerhouse ?

Brooke Daniels
Last year, Texas won the Miss USA title. In 2009 they will try it again with 22 year-old Brooke Daniels.

Sometimes being called "Venezuela of the United States", Texas is supremely leading the Miss USA statistic over California. 46 out of 56 Misses Texas placed among the semifinalists, nine of them won the Miss USA crown and went to Miss Universe. Especially famous is their strike during the 80´s, when Texas took the crown for 5 consecutive years (from 1985 to 1989).

Alexandra Wehrley
Alexandra Wehrley was crowned Miss Wisconsin USA 2009 and will go on to represent her state at Miss USA 2009 pageant.

Wisconsin participates since 1953, so far with four Top 15 placements, 3rd RU in 1967 and 2nd RU in 1974.

Wyoming´s bet for Miss USA 2009 is Cynthia Pate, 22.

This state placed only once at Miss USA - in 1986 Beth King was a semifinalist and also Miss Photogenic.

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