Monday, April 20, 2009

My mobile watchdog

My Mobile Watchdog safeguards your child while using cell phones and immediately alerts you if he or she receives unapproved email, text messages or phone calls.

Once you have activated your child's My Mobile Watchdog Phone, you can log into your web application and see all of your child's contacts.You can then talk with your child and determine for yourself who will be:

Trusted Suspicious or Unapproved

When a Suspicious or Unauthorized person tries to call, text, or email your child,
it is routed through the My Mobile Watchdog Data Center. Notifications are then sent to all persons you have established from your web application.

From your My Mobile Watchdog web application or My Mobile
Watchdog Phone, you will be able to see all suspicious activity
along with full content (including images). You can also print out
reports to pass on to law enforcement or school officials.

My Mobile Watchdog is NOT Spyware!
Spyware is hidden software used to monitor someone without their knowledge. Spyware can be used maliciously, and therefore we do not advocate its use. My Mobile Watchdog notifies the user that they are being monitored, making it impossible to track their usage secretly.

Safeguard Your Children While Using Cell Phones
Everything available on the Internet is now available on cell phones - email, text messaging, instant messaging and web browsing. Children are going mobile for more than just talking. Unfortunately, that means online safety threats such as cyber bullies are now also cell phone safety threats. My Mobile Watchdog keeps your children safe while using their cell phones by showing you what they see and who they talk to.

onitor Their Cell Phone Usage
Parents are the first defense against cell phone dangers. My Mobile Watchdog is a parenting tool that gives you the information necessary to effectively talk with your children about safety threats and potential dangers. Create a safer mobile environment for your children by educating them about the dangers of the wireless world, and by using My Mobile Watchdog to monitor their handheld activities. Remember, no technology alone can substitute for good communication with your child.

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