Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Calorie Restriction Diet Plan

You may be worrying about your excess weight ,Everybody wants to look young, fresh, beautiful and this want increases with age.Then all you need to have is a calorie restriction diet plan . Dr Oz and his fantastic Calorie Restriction Diet Plan appeared recently on Oprah .
The calorie restriction diet plan does have a distinct difference. It does not rely on just any kind of calories. Fresh garden produce from the Denver garden can play an important role in the calorie restriction diet plan.The calorie restriction diet plan relies on high nutrient foods. You will find no empty calorie foods on this diet plan. Fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden provide superior nutrition while remaining low in calories. Here are just a few items on the calorie restriction diet plan that you might find right in the Denver garden.

Dr. Oz said
“At 5′9″, Joe weighs 130 pounds. He may not look like a person who needs to count calories, but as part of his life extension program, he monitors every morsel of food that passes through his system.
Every day for the past seven years, Joe has limited himself to about 1,950 calories. Joe doesn’t deprive himself of food. Instead, this 51-year-old father fills up on natural fruits, vegetables and lean proteins that are packed with essential vitamins and nutrients.”

These nutrient dense globes are a part of the calorie restriction diet plan. Tomatoes protect against prostate and other cancers. They lower cholesterol and protect the heart. Tomatoes are low calorie but not empty calorie.

Onions and garlic bring life to calorie restriction diet plan salads.These bacteria fighting, fungus killing garden foods are low in calorie and nutrient dense.Use chili peppers with onions, garlic and tomatoes to make a low calorie salsa for the calorie restriction diet plan.

Beans are another staple to add to the calorie restriction diet plan.The high fiber in beans aid digestion, but there are other factors that make beans a sound nutritional choice. Beans are high protein and low fat.

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