Friday, April 30, 2010

Are cell phones really safe ?

I don't know whether the cell phones are safe or not . All cell phone manufacturers claims it to be safe .  But don't know why no manufactures disclose the radiation level . The cell phone laws in some countries like Finland , Israel and France  makes to me think , are the cell phone really safe ? Here are some cell phone guidelines in some countries

  • Japan has banned cell phone usage in trains to cut down the second hand radiations
  • In France it is illegal to advertise mobile phones to children
  • A cell call lasting just 2 minutes  can alter the electrical activitity of a child's brain for up to one hour duration .
  • When you use a cell phone 70% of energy emitted from the antenna is absorbed in your head .
  • cell phone users had a 50% greater chance of developing tumors of the salivary gland.
  • Children s below 12 years of age are not allowed to use cell phone in UK,Israel , Russia , France
  • If your signal is weak, your cell phone needs to use more power to maintain a connection and you are exposed to more radiation.
  • Numerous health issues have been blamed on cell phones.  Problems range from “phantom” vibrations (when you think your phone is vibrating, but it’s not) to low sperm count. 

Things we can do to protect us

    * Use the speaker on the phone and hold it away from your head. Better yet, place the phone on a table  while you talk
   * Restrict use of cell phones by children whenever possible. When they must use the phone, have them use  the speaker function or text messaging. 
    * Don’t carry a cell phone on your body, unless it is turned off. Keep it in your purse or backpack, instead.
    * Don’t text while driving!
    * Don’t sleep with a cell phone near your head.
    * Use a special ear piece that has an air-filled tube.
    * Buy phones that emit less radiation.
    * When the signal is weak, limit your time on the phone.
    * Don’t stand too close to someone else using a cell phone!
    * Use wired phones in the home, if possible.

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